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Kosovo: The Score

The American Council for Kosovo recently has located additional quantities of this classic book, published on the tenth anniversary of the NATO aggression against Serbia. Kosovo: The Score provides the definitive explanation of the little-understood Whys and Hows of the Kosovo war, as well as of the aftermath that still plagues the region – and the world – today.

Among the experts contributing incisive analyses to Kosovo: The Score: James Bissett, Doug Bandow, James George Jatras, Julia Gorin, Srdja Trifkovic, Diana Johnstone, Gregory R. Copley and many others!

Kosovo: The Score is available on request from The American Council for Kosovo, which gratefully welcomes contributions of any size. Requests can be made on the contribution page, by email, or by writing to:

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Response of James George Jatras to Belgrade lawyers with respect to the false and unjustified accusations against His Grace, Bishop Artemije of Ras and Prizren

January 27, 2014, American Council for Kosovo

Bishop Artemije

On December 27, 2013, I received a letter from a law firm in Belgrade asking for details of my past lobbying work on behalf of His Grace, Bishop Artemije of Ras and Prizren, and his suffering flock in the Serbian Province of Kosovo and Metohija. As is evident in that letter, and in my response dated today, this inquiry is in furtherance of the vendetta to which His Grace has been subjected since 2010 by persons in the Serbian State and Church, at the behest of Western governments, sadly led by the government of the United States. Both the letter and my response are self-explanatory, as are...

Balkan Peace and Prosperity Will Remain Elusive Unless Freed of Dead Hand of the 1990s

August 9, 2013, The Diplomatic Courier

Balkan Peace and Prosperity Will Remain Elusive Unless Freed of Dead Hand of the 1990s

Yugoslavia, if only to escape the competing versions of history that members of the various communities seem so inordinately fond of reciting. Fresh and constructive approaches to current problems and future prospects are smothered when the dead hand of the past continues to exert a tenacious grip on the present. Unfortunately, that remains the case with the Balkans, where outsiders—notably the American and European foreign policy establishments—insist that the future must be strictly confined by reverence for past idols. Two such idols stand out: First, that the United States and NATO inte...

Sen. John McCain: Let's get into Syria! Never mind Iraq and Afghanistan -- Bosnia and Kosovo worked out just fine!

May 30, 2013, American Council for Kosovo

John McCain, Anderson Cooper

Sen. John McCain (interviewed by Anderson Cooper), 5/29/13 (coincidently, May 29 is the date Constantinople fell to the Turks): McCain: "Everyone talks about Iraq and Afghanistan, and that's a legitimate concern. I'd also like them to consider that we went into Bosnia and we went to Kosovo and we were able to, without too much difficulty, to be able to stop genocide in those places," McCain said. So the distortion, myths, and outright lies surrounding Bosnia and Kosovo – starting with the notion that NATO was “able to stop genocide” and not facilitate it – are the gift that k...

The killing of Serbian children in Kosovo: the story of a survivor

February 5, 2013, Voice of Russia

Bogdan Bukumiric

At the age of 15 on a riverbank he was shot eight times just for being Serbian. He survived and a few days later during the religious holiday of Transfiguration he was out of his coma. But until now he has not received an answer to his question: who shot the children bathing in the river near the Kosovo village of Gorazdevac on August 13, 2003? In his interview to the Voice of Russia Bogdan Bukumiric tells a wonderful story of his rescue. “It is not so scary to die as to be buried alive” - this is the inscription on the monument to the victims of Albanian terrorists and the NATO a...