Tanjug: Demand presented for fighting Albanian terrorism in Kosovo

Published on September 5, 2006, Tanjug

Category: Violence Against Christian Serbs and Their Holy Places

STRPCE, Sept 4 (Tanjug) - The Kosovo-Metohija Serb National Council (SNV) concluded at a session held in Brezovica on Sunday 'that the security situation in the province is extremely difficult, that (ethnic) Albanian fundamentalists continue to commit murders and terrorist attacks against Serbs, Serb property and Serb sacred objects accross the province." "These attacks are more and more frequent and are becoming more specific as regards the way in which they are carried out, since in committing them, children and young people are taken advantage of and abused, which, regarding the way of organisation and operation, reminds of the attacks Muslim terrorists are making around the world," said the conclusions of the meeting. The recent bomb attack (carried out by a sixteen-year old ethnic Albanian) on a catering establishment in the northern part of Kosovska Mitrovica, when a number of Serbs were hurt, is only one of the 170 attacks over the past six months. "Because of such a situation in the province, the Council demands from representatives of the international community, particularely of the United States as the most important leader in the fight against terrorism, to become aware of the realiy in the province and decisively oppose to the terrorist operations in Kosovo-Metohija, just like they do every where else in the world where terrorism presents itself." In the conclusions that were adopted at the meeting, which was attended by a great number of delegates from accross the province, it was pointed out that SNV "closely follows the Vienna negotiations and backs all the activities of the Serbian negotiating team, which are realised in keeping with the Plan for the resolution of the future status of Kosovo-Metohija." "Any other solution that envisages any division of modification of borders, which would violate the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the state of Serbia and be in contradiction with the international law, as well as any other imposed solution, will be unacceptable for and decisively rejected by the Serb nation and the SNV of Kosovo-Metohija," the delegates underscored.

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