Unknown Attackers Shoot at Serbs in Kosovo

Published on September 13, 2006, FOCUS News Agency

Category: Violence Against Christian Serbs and Their Holy Places

Kosovska Mitrovica. Unknown attackers shot at a group of Serbs in the village of Bane, Srbica municipality. This is what the press center of the Coordination Center for Kosovo announced cited by RTS. No Serbs were injured. While they were gathering wood in the forest the Serbs became the target of fierce firing coming from the once mixed and now completely Albanian village of Radesevo. The Serbs own the land in this part of Kosovo and it is exactly these plots that are the target of constant pilfering on the part of the Albanians from the nearby villages. Since 1999 5 Serbs have been killed and 17 others have been wounded in the territory of Srbica municipality. The most serious crime was committed at the end of the year 2000 when three Serbs were killed and ten others were wounded during an attack against a UNMIK bus. So far none of the perpetrators have been arrested, RTS notes.

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