Serb bus attacked again

Published on October 6, 2006, Beta News Agency

Category: Violence Against Christian Serbs and Their Holy Places

PRIŠTINA -- A UN bus full of Serbs traveling from Osojane to Kosovska Mitrovica was attacked in Rudnik this morning.

Rocks were thrown at the passing bus at about 9:30 am today.

No one was injured in the incident, though a larger rock broke a window on the bus despite the protective layers added to the bus windows recently.

The bus takes people from Osojane to Kosovska Mitrovica every Tuesday and Friday. Today it was full, with children among the 50 or so passengers. The incident occurred near a school in Rudnik, an Albanian village in which Spanish KFOR troops are currently stationed.

The attacks on the bus were regular occurrences on every Tuesday and Friday up until several months ago when the Spanish KFOR troops arrived. When the bus was attacked last several months ago, it was being escorted by officials of the Kosovo Police Service as well.

Osojane is a Serbian village in the municipality of Istok from which all citizens were forces out and all homes burned once the Serbian police and military exited it. It was one of the first villages in the region where Serbian refugees returned and there are several hundred returnees living there currently.

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