Albanians prevent Serbs from visiting cemetary

Published on November 6, 2006, B92

Category: Violence Against Christian Serbs and Their Holy Places

LESTANE -- Albanians used cars and tree trunks to block the road used by Serbs visiting the graves of their loved ones.

The Kosovo coordinating center has announced that the Serbs intended to visit the cemetery near Leštane, Kosovo, when Albanians stopped them barricading the road.

“After one of the buses stopped, one of the extremists drove a tractor into it, frontally hitting the bus”, the statement reads.

The statement also says that the police subsequently arrested the tractor driver.

“Several dozen Albanians gathered immediately, and assaulted the police and the Serbs in the bus, so the police decided to set the extremist free, and he then joined other extremists, continuing to attack the bus. The driver managed to turn the vehicle around and leave the site, so no one sustained injuries”.

Today’s religious holiday, Zadušnice, is marked in the Serbian Orthodox Church calendar as the day dedicated to the memory of the dead, when families visit the graves of their loved ones.

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