Kosovo is a Classic Example

Published on December 18, 2006, The Washington Times

Category: Violence Against Christian Serbs and Their Holy Places

Richard W. Rahn wants us to believe that U.S.-led NATO "intervened" to stop a war in Kosovo ("Kosovo: Eternally dependent?" Commentary, yesterday). No, it was the Clinton administration that eagerly engaged NATO in a war against Serbia. Relentlessly, for 78 days in 1999, the bombs came raining down upon cities, towns and villages and their civilians and infrastructure. This so-called humanitarian bombing was based on pretexts no less false than those used to invade Iraq.

Kosovo is a classic example of the West's "divide-and-conquer" mentality in action. Mr. Rahn has the audacity to tell us that Kosovo is no longer united with Serbia. Perhaps by his edict — having total disregard for recognized global constitutional norms and international law.

Then Mr. Rahn goes on to introduce us to Kosovars who, according to him, "are largely secular." However, he very conveniently doesn't mention that since the 1999 U.S.-led war and forced takeover, the religiously intolerant Albanian Muslims have destroyed more than 150 ancient Christian holy places. In the meantime, hundreds of new mosques have sprung up, thanks to generous funding by Iran and Saudi Arabia. A very interesting secularism.

Edmonton, Alberta

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