Masked Men Rob Villagers In Kosovo

Published on December 18, 2006,

Category: Violence Against Christian Serbs and Their Holy Places

A group of armed, masked men robbed a group of villagers in Guska, in western Kosovo, police confirmed Friday.

The group may be the same one which had been setting up illegal checkpoints on western Kosovo backroads since last week, police said.

The description of the robbers, as well as of the previously reported group, was that were wearing some kind of as yet unidentified uniforms, police officials said.

Earlier, police said they could be members of an ultra-militant offshoot of the Kosovo guerrilla army that fought Serbian rule in 1999.

There is concern that ongoing efforts to settle the future status of Kosovo, nominally still Serbia's province with a vastly dominant, pro-independence Albanian population, could lead to ethnic tension and violence.

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