Kosovo Serb shot for reclaiming own home

Published on January 4, 2007, serbianna

Category: Violence Against Christian Serbs and Their Holy Places

January 2, 2007 -- A Kosovo Serb, Vladimir Radosavljevic and his wife Bosiljka were shot at in the Kosovo Muslim Albanian stronghold of Klina after Radosavljevic filed papers with the Kosovo Housing and Property Directorate to have his illegally confiscated home returned.

Radosavljevic's were asleep when unidentified gunmen fired a round from an automatic weapon at their temporary shelter in Kosovo town of Klina where they were awaiting the authorities to evict the illegal Muslim Albanian occupiers of their property.

Police found 23 bullets among the broken glass and empty chargers in the street. The evidence, according to the police, suggests that the attackers used a Kalashnikov AK-47 in the shooting. Radosavljevic's were then evacuated from the premises by the police and placed in the apartment of their relatives in downtown Klina. Police made a statement that an investigation is in progress.

In 1999, Radosavljevic's family fled Klina fearing Kosovo Muslim violence. Their home was then illegally occupied by a member of the Kosovo Liberation Army, a Muslim Albanian guerrilla force, who then rented the house to two other Muslim Albanians.

At present, certain Mr. Morina claims ownership of the house saying he has legally purchased the home in Montenegro.

Radosavljevic's say that they never rented nor sold their home to anyone.

Meanwhile, Mr. Morina has converted the ground floor of the home into a restaurant that is a regular gathering place for the members of the Democratic Party of Kosovo and KLA veterans. In addition, the house is also an office to the Kosovo Albanian radical organization, Self Determination, led by Albin Kurti who want UN peacekeepers out of the province and seek outright independence for the Kosovo and advocate violence if such independence is not granted by the powers that administer Kosovo.

Some 60 families have returned to Klina in 2006, and all of them have found their property to be occupied by Muslim Albanians that claim to have legitimate property ownership papers.

In the fall of 2006, Serbian family Pavlovic's, have also been intimidated in Klina when unidentified attackers who tossed a grenade into their apartment few days after they returned to their hometown.

Over 200,000 Kosovo Serbs, who are Christian, have been expelled by the Kosovo Muslim Albanian extremists that seek independence for the province.

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