Kosovo Serb family to leave village due to "torture" of repeated police raids

Published on January 6, 2007, BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom

Category: Violence Against Christian Serbs and Their Holy Places

Text of report by Serbian TV satellite service on 6 January
[Presenter] For the third time in a number of days members of the Kosovo Police Service [KPS] searched the house of Vukasin Simic in Babin Most near Obilic this morning at 0600 [0500 gmt].
[Reporter Jasmina Stojkovic] As confirmed by Vukasin's son Slavisa, the police raid occurred while everyone was asleep and they turned the place upside down without finding anything. The Simic family intends to move from Babin Most today due to the great mental anguish.
After the events of three days ago when first KPS and then special police units conducted a thorough search of houses [after the murder of a KPS member near the village], taking away all male [household] members for questioning on several occasions, Slavisa Simic says there is no longer any reason for such torture and because of this they [the family] are being forced to move from Babin Most.
Source: RTS SAT TV, Belgrade, in Serbian 0900 gmt 6 Jan 07
BBC Monitoring

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