UNESCO world heritage site targeted by extremists again

Published on April 3, 2007, KIM Info-service

Category: Violence Against Christian Serbs and Their Holy Places

Decani Monastery area hit by a mortar-grenade, no injuries or damage

Bishop Teodosije said for KIM info-service that this is obviously one more mortar attack on the Monastery.

The attackers probably wanted to intimidate us and send a threatening message both to the monks and NATO peacekeepers in this critical political moment for Kosovo firing only one grenade. It is well known that this area is full of well armed extremist paramilitary groups. Some of them threatened the monastery before. It is early now to speak more about this attack and we expect KFOR to come out with an official statement and perform a thorough investigation in order to identify the perpetrators of this terrorist attack on Visoki Decani Monastery. Thank God, no one is hurt, said the Bishop.

Visoki Decani Monastery, fourth time since 1999. targeted by mortar grenades With this latest attack this is the 23rd grenade fired at this monastery after the war.

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