Muslim Albanian violence against Serbian Christians

Published on April 20, 2006, Jihad Watch

Category: Violence Against Christian Serbs and Their Holy Places

A disquieting report from Jihad Watch reader Sparta: "On the heels of the death threat against Bishop Artemije of Kosovo and the Islamofascist-organized demonstration against Decani monastery (April 14 and 8), there's now more indication of Muslim Albanian violence brewing against Serbian Christians -- and that the dhimmified "international community" knows it. These latest escalations are remniscent of the lead-up to the March 2004 riots by Albanian Muslims that left 19 people dead, 900 people injured (including 65 international members of UN and NATO), 4,100 people chased from their homes (most of them Serbs), about 800 Serb and Roma (Gypsy) houses and apartments looted and torched, and 30 Serbian Orthodox holy shrines either completely destroyed or heavily damaged. If this is what is happening now with international babysitters (mostly from Christian countries!) what will happen when and if Kosovo is declared to be an independent Muslim state?"

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