Christian girl raped in Muslim dominated Kosovo

Published on August 22, 2007, SERBIANNA

Category: Violence Against Christian Serbs and Their Holy Places

Three unidentified persons kidnapped and raped a Serbian girl while a boy that was with her was beaten and robbed in the Muslim-dominated Kosovo province confirms Kosovo Police Service representatives.

"An Opel Vectra automobile blocked the road ahead of the victims and then three persons dragged the young man out of his vehicle, beat him up and closed him in the trunk, from where he was released after the girl had been raped," said Agron Borovci, regional spokesman for the Kosovo Police Service.

The BMW in which the boy and girl had been driving was then stolen along with their personal belongings, Borovci said, and the two of them were dumped near a Muslim village of Ajvalija into which the assailants went.

Raped girl and the beaten boy then walked to a hospital in Gracanica to get help.

Kosovo is a Serbian province where extremist Muslim Albanians have expelled over two-thirds of the Christian population in an attempt to make the province religiously pure Islamic and now seek out of the UN to be an independent state.

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