Cultural cleansing tantamount to ethnic cleansing

Published on October 19, 2007, B92

Category: Violence Against Christian Serbs and Their Holy Places

PARIS -- Today in Paris, Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic condemned “cultural cleansing” of the Serb heritage in Kosovo.

Jeremic said that it was no less terrible than ethnic cleansing.

“Cultural cleansing is no less terrible and acceptable for 21st century civilization than ethnic cleansing,” Jeremic told a press conference following a plenary session of UNESCO, where he had called for urgent reconstruction of Serb churches and monasteries destroyed during the 2004 pogrom.

In the past eight years, a total of 150 Serb churches and monasteries have been destroyed, including 35 that were torched during the Albanian pogrom of Kosovo Serbs in March 2004.

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