Muslims Desecrate Church in Kosovo

Published on February 22, 2008,

Category: Violence Against Christian Serbs and Their Holy Places

By Chris Brown

This is another article on Kosovo, and it won’t be the last. Why? Because what is happening in Serbia right now is a perfect mirror of what WILL happen in Britain, and many other European countries, unless we all wake up, quickly!

Of course, we at the BNP want to give support and encouragement to the Serbian people. For they are as proud of their country, as we are of ours.

But it is also, undoubtedly, in our own interest to bring the truth of what is happening in Serbia to as wide an audience as possible. For this is our future, unless we oust the Quislings from Westminster, and start protecting the indigenous people of Britain from the next Jihad!

May we recommend to anyone seeking an alternative viewpoint to the selective “Serbophobic” pap churned out by the BBC and other British Establishment news agencies that they visit the Serbian government’s official English language news site HERE. We provide this link in the interest of affording some balance in the dissemination of news concerning the injustice recently inflicted on the ancient Christian nation of Serbia by the so-called “International Community”!

Having established a precedent with Kosovo, we can only wonder how long it will be before similar “International Community” backed “states” are established, through force of arms, in Britain and other European countries, having huge and inassimilable “minority” communities?

In addition we also present a video clip showing the destruction of a Serbian church in the district of Podujevo that occurred, we believe, some four years ago when it was then, as it is now, under the “protecton” of the ”International Community’s” KFOR military occupation force! This is certainly not the sort of news coverage you are likely to see on the BBC! View via this link

The same KFOR that is now going to guarantee the safety of Serbs still living in this safe haven for Muslim terrorists. If I were a Serb, in Kosovo, I’d be more than a little concerned!

Even so, we’d better all hope that, KFOR, really does do its job properly. For if they don’t, does anyone seriously expect Russia to merely sit back and watch!

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