UNMIK Database of Photographs of Crimes

Published on May 5, 2006, www.srpskapolitika.com

Category: Violence Against Christian Serbs and Their Holy Places

Serbian Princess Katarina visiting a Serbian man beaten by Muslim Albanians in Pec, Kosovo and Metohija, in August 1999.

Rape of Serbian girl by Albanian Muslims - in year 1941.

Raped young Serbian girl (age 9) from Zitinje near Vitina, in arms of her father Stojan Peric (year 1983)

Djordje Martinovic (photo after being killed) - photo by Mica Popovic: "May, 1 1985."

Serbian man beaten by Muslim Albanians - Pristina, summer 1999, foto by UNMIK Police.

Slaughtered body of Slavoljub Radunovic. Photo by UNMIK Police. His body, in a plastic bag, was given to his mother in a monastery.

November 29, 1999. Murder of a University Professor, a Serb from Pristina, photo by UNMIK Police

Scene of the murder of Serbian university professor Basic by a crowd of Muslim Albanians in Pristina, after the arrival and jurisdiction of KFOR and the UN Mission - photo by UNMIK Police

Crimes of Albanian Muslim Nazis against Serbs during the WWII

Serbian woman that was beaten by Muslim Albanians in Pristina in August 1999. The most frequent target are unprotected Serbian women and elder people.

Immediately upon arrival of KFOR, KLA committed numerous brutal crimes against Serbian civilians.

After a terrorist attack by Muslim Albanians on the bus with Serbian civilians (February 17, 2001) in which 11 persons were killed (of which two children) and 40 persons were injured, UN police arrested a few suspicious Albanians. The main culprit Florim Ejupi was directly linked to the terrorist circles of organized Muslim Albanian crime, under "former KLA" and its successor KPS (Kosovo Police Service) under UN/NATO troops. In spite of all security measures in place, Ejupi escaped from American prison in Camp Bondsteel. British "Sunday Times" in its article by Bob Graham on July 29 2001, unraveled: "Mistake by British troops allowed the bomb attack on bus" indicating that N sources believe that Florim Ejupi was working for CIA. His trial would have been a big embarrassment, confirms the same source."

Serbian child injured in terrorist attack

UNHCR bus was transporting Serbian civilians when Albanian Muslim terrorists attacked the bus with a rocket propelled bomb in February 2000. Attacks on humanitarian convoys of non-Albanian civilians was a special method of terror used by Muslim Albanian terrorists specially against Serb civilians.

June 20, 2000: Metropolitan from Montenegro in company of two Serbian Orthodox priests conducting a funeral of three slaughtered Serbs in the village of Bijelo Polje near Pec (northwestern part of Kosovo). Albanian Muslim extremists used axes to slaughter these two civilians. Orthodox priests were able to conduct the funeral only under heavy protection of Italian peacekeepers. Albanian Muslim terrorists completely destroyed the village Bijelo Polje, and almost all Serbs from this part of Kosovo and Metohija were either killed or expelled.

July 20th: Victims of the massacre at Gracko in the morgue in Pristina. Albanian Muslim extremists in cold blood have massacred 14 Serbian peasants while they were in the field working on collecting their crops, near by their village.

VICTIMS OF MASSACRE AT GRACKO(14 Serbian peasants killed in July on their land while collecting the crops, by Albanian Muslim extremists)

Bishop Amfilohije in search for Serbs killed by Albanian Muslim Extremists - KLA . In the region of Pec, Kosovo and Metohija, July 1999 (after the arrival of NATO troops).


Mrs. Borka Jovanovic, age 75, injured by the gang of Muslim Albanians in Pristina, November 29, 1999. In this same accident, her son in law, Professor Dragoslav Basic, was murdered, while his wife was injured. Grandma Borka died as a consequence of this injury, a few days latter.

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