Czech Documentary "Stolen Kosovo"

Published on June 3, 2008, The Diocese of Ras-Prizren and Kosovo-Metohija

Category: Violence Against Christian Serbs and Their Holy Places

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The latest documentary by the Czech public TV titled “The Stolen Kosovo” provokes harsh discussions in the Czech Republic, whose Government decided to declare and recognize, although not without huge the lawlessness perpetrated by the self-proclaimed independence of Albanians by the State of Serbia.

A touching and authentic testimony on the sufferings of Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija all through the 20th century, comprising the first two years of the 21st century, too, the film brings out, through the documented cadres and the creativeness of the Czech authors, just a particle of the horrifying truth on the diachronic felonious activity of the Albanians over the Serbian people, all of which can be described with one word only – genocide on the Serbs.

Observing all the entries describing genocide, put forward in the UN Convention on genocide, one understands that almost all the characteristics mentioned in the Convention have been carried out by the Albanian population over the Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija, all throughout the 20th century. They had an abundant help in this by the West during the WWII, and the Communist regime after 1945. In the 90’, the West makes a great come back, offering any help and justification to the felonious extinction of the Serbs by the Albanians.

Countless Albanian crimes over the Serbs during the 20th century are partially witnessed in a book which, after years of work on it, is in print and will be published soon. It brings original documents from the archives of our Diocese, on various Albanian crimes (expulsions, murders, rapes, lootings etc.)

Having all this in mind, one might say he finds surprising the attitude the Serb delegation had during the negotiation process on Kosovo and Metohija, putting carelessly forward an offer to give to the Albanians the broadest possible autonomy, so far not enjoyed by any minority in the world.

Would it be a prize for countless crimes they had perpetrated and still persist in them, crimes against Serbs, their property, their cultural and spiritual heritage? What did the Albanians deserve with this broadest possible autonomy? Might be with the innumerous abundance of their crimes committed and by the systematic eradication of anything Serbian and Christian in Kosovo and Metohija? By this only move, the Serbs actually amnesty all the Albanian crimes, maybe even justify them, and giving them a prize-broadest possible autonomy!

Shouldn’t we, finally, make a question on their responsibility and their felonious activity in the attempt to extinguish the Serb people and eradicate the Christian culture in Kosovo and Metohija, for all those countless crimes committed under the auspices of that, so cunningly named, “international community”, since June 1999, and in fact, just a few western countries, the same countries which headed the pandemonic trimestral bombing of Serbia in 1999, as well as under few decades of communist regime since 1945, the crimes untouchable for the jurisdictional systems of the rulling structures. Only after discussing thesse things one could talk on their rights and privileges.

We are witnesses and contemporaries of promoting on high pedestals the highest values of vassal and capitulatory politics by the coalition Tadic-Kostunica-Dinkic, who conscientiously offer themselves as modern vassals, even not neglecting attempts to impose a noose of vassalage to the state of Serbia. It is not, unfortunately, the first Vuk, whose name will remain written in black letters on the pages of history of Serbia. But, this Vuk is now not only a spokesman, publicly denouncing his readiness to give and to sell, for a handful of dollars coming from EU, the most sublime values and ideals of the Serb people. Hence, most certainly, a bitter taste is left by an open readiness by certain Serbian dignitaries to “accept the new reality” in Kosovo and Metohija and with no other regard rush into the embrace of European Union.

Thus, “The Stolen Kosovo” documentary is significant and can be sobering not only to the Czechs, but to the Serbs, too, and can serve as example and model to all the Serbs active in the field of film art. And European Union through its dignitaries and institutions daily confutes these modern Serbian vassals, who conscientiously and targeting fool the people that Serbia entering to the EU does not mean Serbia’s recognition of independence of Kosovo. By this confutation, the same EU humiliates these vassals in front of their own people, showing by this the importance and place it assigns to them.

The most recent such an example is hoisting the flag of the so-called state of Kosovo in the European Parliament, the body consisting of the representatives of all EU member states, and the statements of EU officials, saying that such an act reaffirms that this body recognized the independent Kosovo.

Observing them in such a light, the statements heard recently in public, saying that a sufficient guarantee, completely calming us down concerning the intentions of EU is changing a few word in the Stabilization and Association agreement really sound very funny. Would these few changed words be more powerful than the everyday declarations and acts of the European officials and institutions? One should not be to smart and far-sighted to be able to make a conclusion on the real intentions of EU.

Emhasizing the need that the State of Serbia finally gets the Serbian Army (and not the Army of Serbia), which would a guarantee of dignity and decisiveness of the Serbia to protect it national interests, as always in its history, we bring you the link to the film “The Stolen Kosovo”.

The Press department of the Raska and Prizren Diocese

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