No central Serbia autopsy for Serb couple

Published on December 8, 2008, B92

Category: Violence Against Christian Serbs and Their Holy Places

PRIŠTINA, BELGRADE -- Stanko, 77, and Stanica, 74, Bogdanovic, found dead in their home in Kosovo yesterday, will be buried on Saturday.

The pair of Kriljevo, Kosovska Kamenica, residents will be laid to rest in a cemetery in the village of Korimnjane, in the same municipality.

The bodies were previously taken to Priština for the post-mortems.

However, their niece Gordana Stankovic told Beta news agency on Saturday that a public prosecutor in Priština did not allow for the bodies to be taken to Vranje, in central Serbia, for an autopsy.

Gordana, their closest living relative, was not requested to identify the two elderly Kosovo Serbs. She found out about their fate from the media, and said that she was only allowed to see their faces at the morgue.

The police also prevented her from entering the yard and the house where her aunt and uncle were found dead.

All this, she told the news agency, prompted her to doubt official statements that said the pair were not murdered, but died of natural causes.

Also on Saturday, the Ministry for Kosovo in Belgrade issued a statement, demanding "in the strongest terms" that the Kosovo institutions with jurisdiction in the matter investigate all the circumstances of the deaths.

The Serb community in the region believes that Bogdanovics did not die of natural causes - something maintained by the Kosovo police, KPS.

Late Stanko and Stanica were the last Serbs who lived in this Kosovo village, some five kilometers away from Medveda on the central Serbia side of the administrative line with Kosovo.

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