Strong Wahhabi cells of Saudi Arabian origin in the Kosovo villages

Published on November 15, 2006, BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom

Category: Islamic Terror in Kosovo

Gracanica, 14 November: There are strong Wahhabi cells of Saudi Arabian origin in the Kosovo villages of Planjane and Racane in the Sredacka zupa area, says a statement issued today by the press office of the Rasko-Prizrenska Eparchy.

The statement says that there are training camps in northern Kosovo, where trainers are experienced terrorists who were active in Afghanistan and Bosnia-Hercegovina (B-H).

The statement recalls that recently UNMIK [UN Mission in Kosovo] police uncovered in the village of Talinovac near Urosevac, in a "Shqiptar [Albanian] terrorist cell" liquid explosives, identical to the explosive used in terror operations in London.

These centres and camps for training of terrorists have at their disposal arms and explosives which "are going to be used in future attacks against Christians, their churches, cemeteries, and other holy places" says the statement.

Over the last seven years, since the arrival of the international community, around 400 new mosques have been constructed in Kosovo, while 150 churches have been demolished, the statement says.

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