Serb politician: Recent bomb attack against minister shows mafia ruling Kosovo

Published on September 16, 2006, BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom

Category: Organized Crime in Kosovo

Text of report by Serbian independent news agency FoNet

Gnjilane, 16 September: A member of the Serb List for Kosovo-Metohija [SLKM, headed by Oliver Ivanovic], Vesna Jovanovic, said today that the bomb thrown on the night from Thursday to Friday [14-15 September] outside the house of a police minister in the Kosovo government, "should primarily be a message to the international community to finally realize how far Standards have gone in the first place and who has the power in Kosovo".

What can ordinary people expect if a bomb is thrown at the police minister, Jovanovic asked. She added that this incident created additional insecurity among the Serbs, who were "between a rock and a hard place ".

"On the one hand, there are Albanians who are hostile towards the Serbs, and on the other is the deeply rooted rule of the mafia in Kosovo, something which this bomb has demonstrated," Jovanovic explained.

The international community should understand the Serb anxiety and fear for their own security and it should respond adequately, not only by issuing declarations, Jovanovic emphasized in a statement for FoNet.

"It is being claimed without any scruples that Standards are being fulfilled, while on the other hand the citizens of Kosovo, especially the Serbs, do not have any fundamental feeling of security," Jovanovic assessed.

She said that "the international community should seriously take into account Serb proposals on how to achieve progress, and not ignore them for the most part".

Source: FoNet news agency, Belgrade, in Serbian 1057 gmt 16 Sep 06

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