Czech Intelligence Following Kosovo Terrorism Lead

Published on November 2, 2006, Koordinacioni centar za KiM

Category: Organized Crime in Kosovo

After Prague has received a terrorist threat, Czech intelligence services are also investigating a Kosovo connection via former drug lord Prince Dobroshi, said the Czech interior minister Ivan Langer. In Prague, ever since a week ago, emergency measures are in place, and the center of the city and possible targets around the old Jewish ghetto are patrolled by special forces with machine guns. US embassy has warned Americans to avoid moving about the city. The Czech government has neither acknowledged nor denied reports that the threat was discovered after an arrest in Norway of four islamic radicals who were planning an attack on US and Israeli embassies in Oslo.

Czech and Norwegian journalists, quoting sources close to intelligence circles, say that the terrorist lead from Oslo to Prague leads via Pristina. One of the arrested men in Norway, of Pakistani origin, named as Arphan Kadir Bati, has met in June in Pristina with Dobroshi, whose family lives in Prague to date.

91% of Czechs say, according to the latest STEM agency poll, that the government did the right thing by introducing extraordinary measures of precaution. The number of people who think that a terrorist attack on Prague should not be ruled out, is on the increase. Two thirds of the citizens polled, say that the risk that the Czech Republic may become a target of terrorists, is identical to the risk in other European countries. 38% say that the country is not so much attractive for terrorists.

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