Letters to the editor: Just plain wrong

Published on May 12, 2006, The Washington Times

Category: Organized Crime in Kosovo


Adm. James "Ace" Lyons Jr. has provided us with an honest assessment of the realities in Kosovo ("Kosovo consternation," Commentary, Tuesday). These conditions preceded the breakup of Yugoslavia. The federal government in Belgrade was faced not only with such criminal activities in Kosovo, but also with provocations against its Serb minority, causing a steady exodus of Serbs into Serbia proper. This movement, together with higher Albanian birth rates and illegal immigration into Kosovo from Albania, reduced the Serbian population to an insignificant minority. The provocations were conducted by the Kosovo Liberation Army. The KLA also was responsible for the illicit drug and prostitution racketeering operating out of Kosovo. For these activities, the KLA and its leaders are about to be rewarded with an ethnically pure independent state from a province that is legally a part of Serbia and the religious and cultural cradle of the Serbian nation.

Visiting U.S. Fulbright Professor
Faculty of the Political Sciences
Belgrade University
Serbia Montenegro

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