Kosovo: Questions and Answers

What is the Kosovo Liberation Army?

The Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) is a terrorist organization with close links to Albanian mafia organized crime, which operates drug and human trafficking rackets across Europe. The KLA also has well-documented links to al-Qaeda (including to Osama bin Laden personally) and to other Islamic terrorist supporters, such as Iran.

Supposedly disbanded after the 1999 war, KLA personnel were recruited wholesale into Kosovo’s administrative structures, including the police and a quasi-militia organization, the so-called “Kosovo Protection Corps” (KPC, or Trupat e Mbrojtjes se Kosoves (TMK) in Albanian). This has allowed the KLA to continue, with minimal interference, their criminal activities and to launch terrorist campaigns into nearby areas of southern Serbia and Macedonia. The leading figures in the KLA are Agim Ceku, Ramush Haradinaj, and Hashim Thaci.