Kosovo: Questions and Answers

What would be the impact of making Kosovo an independent country?

A decision by the international community to forcibly and illegally detach Kosovo from sovereign Serbia would have no validity under any known concept of international law and diplomacy. Doing so would fatally undermine the rule of law in international affairs. It would lead to the elimination of the remaining Christian Serb population from Kosovo, creating a mono-religious (Muslim) and mono-ethnic (Albanian) state. It would establish the principal that once a militant Muslim minority resorts to violence in a majority non-Muslim country, they are “entitled” to detach the area where they are concentrated and create a new state where they can persecute and uproot the non-Muslims. Worst of all from the standpoint of the United States, it would strengthen global jihad terrorism [link 4 Islam] and organized crime [link 5. Crime] by empowering the KLA leaders as the government of a new rogue state, from which they can operate with impunity. Detaching Kosovo from Serbia to create an independent Muslim Albanian state, along with the withdrawal of the international presence, would be a major step toward the KLA’s goal of a greater Albania in which the KLA would be the ruling authority. Moreover, Kosovo, as an independent rogue state would become and even greater danger to the rest of Europe as a base of terrorist operations linked to al-Qaeda. Logistical support for the terrorist bombs in Madrid and London has been traced to the Balkans, to Bosnia as well as to Kosovo.